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17/07/2018 Home24h

Trade Capacity of Home24h go up every year. In 2020-2022 we had shipped our baskets to more 30 countries, such as Germany, Turkey, America, Netherlands, Australia, Spain, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, etc.

Main Markets (Countries) Total Revenue (%)
Western Europe (PortugalSpain, Turkey, NetherlandsSwitzerland…) 30%
Southern Europe ( PortugalCroatiaSpainTurkey (East Thrace) …) 20%
Eastern Asia (North KoreaSouth Korea Taiwan, …) 15%
Oceania (AustraliaNew Zealand,….) 10%
Domestic Market (HCM city, Ha Noi City,…) 10%
Northern Europe (Sweden,…) 5%
North America (Mexico,…) 5%
Eastern Europe (Croatia,….) 3%
 South America (Chile,… ) 2%

Year: 2020-2022

Which countries where will be interested in water hyacinth storage baskets?

Portugal Spain Turkey Netherlands Switzerland
 Croatia South Korea Taiwan New Zealand Australia
Sweden Mexico Chile Iraq Malaysia

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