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How To Caculate the size of The Basket?

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How To Caculate the size of The Basket?

Hi everybody,

I am mss.Nga, I am very happy to let you know about our basket size.

  • Normal we call the size of basket with:

Large size = size L

Medium size = size M

Small size = size S

  • And we will calculate of the size of basket will be

L : Length

W: Wide

H: Height

  • All size we show in our website is Centimeter (cm). Sometime we will calculate with Inch (”) if our customer ask it. 
    1 inch =
    2,54 centimét

How to Caculate the size of the Basket? I want to show some photos of set of two baskets. May you visit as below, i hope they will help you to know What size of baskets clearly. Now see here

Water Hyacinth Basket – Small Size (Size s)

Length (L): 36 cm (14.17 inch)


Wide (W): 30 cm (11.81 inch)


Height (H): 20cm (7.87 inch)


Water Hyacinth Basket – Large Size (Size L):

Length (L): 45 cm (17.71 inch)


Wide (W): 37 cm (14.56 inch)


Height (H): 23cm (9.05 inch)

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I am very happy to let you know the size of the basket. If you visit our website without know any size of basket, may you email to me or chat zalo or viber or wechat…

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