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Home24h-Handicrafts Manufacture and Exporter. Founded in 2012 in Ho Chi Minh City in Viet Nam. We are very happy and proud to be one of the leading manufacture and export for Handicrafts in Vietnam, such as: Storage Baskets, Laundry Basket hamper, Dresser Drawer Cabinet, storage tray & rack, storage trunks & boxes, natural pet house, handmade cat beds…all of them made from Water hyacinth or Sea-grass,…

Our Products Quick Details:

Feature: Eco-Friendly

Place of Origin: Vietnam

Main material: Water Hyacinth or Seagrass

Frame: Metal-Iron frame , Wooden frame

Shape: Rectangular, Round, Oval…or any shape from customers.

Loading Port: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Color: Natural, Black/ Black washed, Brown/Brown washed, White/white washed…

Home24h Crafts Supplier, Handmade basket manufacturer. Buyers is very happy with our service, price and quality.

Buyer in New-Zealand Buyer very happy to cooperate with us Buyer in Asia Customers in EU

Home24h-Handicrafts Manufacture, Our slogan “Customers are friends”. Cooperation for development, sustainable, mutually beneficial both. Our products are always guarantee the quality,  quantity, price and production lead-time. Our prices are very competitive and reasonable.

Thanks to the trust of our customers, our products have been available in many countries around the world, such as: USA, Mexico, Chile, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, UK, Australia, New-Zealand, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Iraq… We’re very grateful for that.

Home24h-Handicrafts Manufacture. Will you please don’t hesitate to contact with us. We are willing to cooperate with you for a long time.

Home24h-Handicrafts Manufacture – Home24h Showroom photos:

Home24h-Handicrafts Manufacture where will help you easy to look found your designs, any color with the size. Such as:

Water Hyacinth Rectangular Basket shape, set of two (s/2) or set of three (s/3)

Water Hyacinth Round Hamper with liner, Black washed color

Seagrass Oval Baskets sets, Normal weave with iron frame

Seagrass storage boxes & bins with linen and wooden frame.


Home24h-Handicrafts Manufacture – Factory photos:


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