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Farmers Vietnam diligent hardworking to help escape poverty

Models made items from hyacinths are being replicated and developed in the country, helping many women members  have jobs, income, stable life.


With diligent and hardworking woman of Vietnam, just after the half-month apprenticeship, many people have been delivered for processing at home. Currently, the company has expanded its natural supply of various facilities in all provinces. According to those who have seniority over 3 years in the profession, said: "If a novice, every day can be finished knitting from 1-2 product, also longtime experience, the product is 4-5" .


Raw water hyacinth by people rescued from rivers, streams dried up and bring incubated with sulfur (to hold color better). These products are hyacinth handicraft from foreign customers enjoy before the softness and flexibility of it. Especially as we adapt to any temperature, not crispy hot, not cold hard. Due to the outstanding properties of this Vietnam hyacinth should be processed into various products such as trunk, fashion handbags, fruit plate fruits, flower baskets, wine racks, the salon and sandals brought indoors.


The company opened 30 training hyacinth weaving with participants almost 3:00. The free classes so many people liked and active apprentices. Classes do not distinguish age, qualifications, as long as they love and want to get a job can join.