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How To Use WH Cabinet?

Hi you! 

Home24h is very happy to show you "how to use Water Hyacinth Cabinet" in your house. With some our idea, we hope it will help you easy to use them.

1. Water Hyacinth Cabinets used for living room: 

Some our clients said us that they very like to use them for this. The first WH Cabinets is very beautyful, the second WH Cabinets is very eco-friendly, and WH cabinets can carry Television or others household goods.



2. Water Hyacinth Cabinets used for bathroom:

Some our clients said that they like to use Cabinet for bathroom. Maybe Cabinets usedful for this one, with drawers we can use to bring towels, cloths or toothbrush or shampoo etc...


3. Water Hyacinth Cabinets usde for corridor, passages:


4. Water Hyacinth Cabinets used for bedroom or kitchen room:


5. Water Hyacinth Cabinets usded for Corner or under the stairs:


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